Caloudi management platform is from the ground up on a common architecture to deliver an all-in-one solution that supports multiple tenants and multiple clouds through AI technology. 


Our platform delivers extensive management capabilities to administrators with an intuitive end-user experience. Perform a wide variety of actions from one centralized management account.


Unify private and public cloud management across technologies and locations to enable best execution venue and to optimize workload placement. 


Role based access control with Dashboards and Usage Quotas with end-to-end automation. 


Deliver an agile alternative to shadow IT, and enable administrators to maintain control of configurations and ensure compliance.


Manage configurations across multiple technology giving users what they want, when they want it. Customized Catalogs interface simplifies cloud management. 


Provide cost transparency and track usage trends throughout the system lifecycle. Enable different charges of service fees on Cost management with Usage trends. 


Our platform integrates on-premises resources and public clouds in a single, intuitive interface.


Complexity Free Installation and Configuration

It provides a powerful and easy-to-use platform without the repetitive configuration, labor-intensive operation, and overall cost of other IT self-service solutions.


Multi-tenants and Multi-admins Support

It can seamlessly support multiple customers or organizations through approvals and automation, policies, and even customized service offerings with per-organization approvals, quotas, and completion actions.


Extensive Out-of-the-Box Reporting 

With HRY Cloud platform, you can easily export data and automate report generation and searches through scheduling, giving you critical insight into the value and efficiency of your virtual assets. You can also deliver value to the business from day one with configuration-free searches and dashboards.


Capacity Planning and Quota Management 

It features dynamic calculation of resource cost at the moment that users request them, and resource and cost-saving suggestions for overprovisioned VMs, help influence user behavior.


Economic Comparison and Intelligent Placement

This Cloud management provides rightsizing recommendations to both the administrator and the end user, enabling users to decide when a VM is overprovisioned, instead of having resource reductions being solely driven by IT. 

Infrastructure Cost Chargeback / Showback / Billing

HRYcloud makes it easy to access VM billing records, working with your existing billing system. Furthermore, it provides cost reports right out of the box should you need a more direct chargeback/showback/billing experience for your customers.


Automated Governance Policy Enforcement 

Its self-service catalog and provisioning automation give system administrators the flexibility to offer and/or enforce governance policies at provisioning time through workflows.

Azure Tag Enforcement

It ensures your Azure instances have appropriate tags. This guarantees your Azure budget has been assigned to the right department and it is important for your organization. 


We are the partner of Azure Cloud Management, protecting your cloud 24x7 with a team of Certified Azure Engineers.


We conduct an advisory of your current systems and help you plan for migration to Azure cloud. You receive the keys to a fully-configured, automated cloud environment that is ready to receive your application.


We help customers keep cloud costs under control with monitoring and data-driven management, then reduce costs with alternative Azure instance types and advanced automation.

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